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One Thing I love most in the world is the nature of SOUND.

For me the reconnecting and love-transmitting aspects within sound and music is one of the greatest miracles and gifts of mother earth.

I grew up as the 5th child of a patchwork family in east Berlin. I started playing violin when I was six and discovered the guitar and piano some years later on my own.

I wrote my first songs at the age of 11, the creation mostly started out of a feeling of isolation. During composing my feelings got transformed. At the end of the song I felt the connection to my inner being. These musical journeys I could say where my individual survival tool through my teenage life. 
Excited and happy I began my classical music studies when I was 12. I did not fit and agree with the common teaching methods, which sadly started to destroy my love for music, but generally fed the love for musical competition. I stopped the classical studies and joyfully started studying Jazz where I actually found the same fields of competition. 
My passion for sound and longing for a different approach in education brought me to great teacher to whom I am truthfully thankful for their loving support: Mike Cinnamon, Carolin Mc Pherson and Dr.L. Subramaniam.

In 2007 my husband and I founded the school for Music and Yoga in Berlin, named Tagtigall where I enjoy teaching music based on human values and the Chakraknowledge.

I have a great passion for Heartfulness Meditation and classical Homöoapthy.

I am happy to share my music with you!



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